The Note Becomes The Gift

The Note Becomes The Gift

We're biased but we think it's pretty exciting to receive a handwritten YS Note in the mail. 

Holiday season is in full swing and despite the excitement of gatherings, shopping and merriment, we personally like carving out some time to sit down and say hello to people we appreciate. This weekend, we'll be sending notes to people we'd like to (re)connect with. Maybe it's someone who showed you a kindness earlier this year but you haven't spoken to them since then, or maybe it's your best friend who you speak with ten times a day but still want delight them anytime you can. No matter who it is, we're sure they'll be happy to hear from you.

Our Dark Kindred Spirits card naturally brings out our affinity for seasonal colors like deep forest green and gold, but for those who like to throw in an extra dash of cheer into their note (after all, each one of your card recipients has their own personality!), we like the idea of including an old photo, using different writing instruments, or even sprinkling a touch of confetti into our envelopes. If you'd like some additional suggestions, find us at and we'll be happy to help.

It's been an exciting first few weeks for us as we've started to send out the first YS Notes, two years after envisioning the idea for enjoying the delight of a written note. We're grateful for you and hope to celebrate more years to come. 

*This post was originally published in our December 2023 newsletter.

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