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Kindred Spirit Collection

Dark Kindred Spirits

English, French, Japanese, Chinese

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Kindred Spirit cards have been crafted using three layers of delicate paper to recreate the feeling of a small booklet. The outside layer of this 3-ply card is made of soft cotton accented with pearl foil, while the husk-colored inner layer has been left blank to give you as much or as little space as you desire to write about your favorite moments. Our dark green pine version is a nod to the nighttime beauty of the Northern Lights. Using a combination of colorful dyes, soft paper and luminescent ink, this card is a treat for anyone who enjoys leafing through the pages. 


These card sets are available in certain combinations of English (EN) and French (FR), Chinese (CH), or Japanese (JP). (EN) English-only cards are also available.

(EN) For Kindred Spirits: Send your Kindred Spirit a card to savor the small and big moments. Best written while savoring a cup of tea yourself.

(FR) Pour les personnes chères: Envoyez cette carte à une personne chère pour savourer les petits comme les grands moments. A écrire en savourant une tasse de thé.

(CH) 請寫給你志同道合的伙伴: 用這張卡片記錄你們共同經歷的瞬間,一起品味這杯人生之茶的澀與甜.

(JP) 大切な人に: 一緒に過ごした時を思い出しながら、想いを綴りましょう。お茶を楽しみながら書くのがおすすめです.


Each set includes one card, one mailing envelope and one keepsake storage envelope for you to enjoy even after you've sent your YS Note to a loved one. Visit our Gifting page to learn more about how to use and cherish your keepsake envelope.


160 mm x 115 mm (6.3" in x 4.5" in)

"Touch" The Sky

Forest green dye was applied to white cotton paper several times to achieve striking hues. While the cotton paper feels feathery upon touch, we chose thin paper that was just barely thick enough to handle the pressure of a gold hot plate, allowing us to "touch" the stars. The process reminds us of the powerful canvas that paper naturally is.

Inspired By Handwriting

We think fonts are a great source of beauty and chose Latin and non-Latin fonts that reminded us of handwritten correspondence. EB Garamond is a ubiquitous, classic-style font that often conjures handwriting influences. Kaiti is a Mandarin, calligraphic typeface made up of curves and resembles handwritten form used in traditional correspondence. The pairing of two different font systems achieve the same purpose - to inspire us to put our own pen to paper.

Collectable Memory

We want you to remember the joy you brought someone in sending them a YS Note, which is one of the reasons we carefully designed a 3/8-inch keepsake storage envelope for you to preserve your own letters and notes. We thoughtfully selected 240 gsm absorbent cotton paper - a thickness that's soft enough to conjure the experience of luxurious cotton - while also being strong enough to protect the notes you cherish most.