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Seasons Collection

Dark Seasons

English, French, Japanese, Chinese

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Our dark seasons card has been created with the idea that light and dark colors transition easily between one another. We've used metal stamping for our words to create texture on fine details and highlight the beauty of a written word. The dark violet hues give way to lighter blue hues as you move through the page. The opaque white flowers cast a shadow when placed under bright lights. This card is perfect for anyone who appreciates the subtle and stark beauty in both light and dark. 


These card sets are available in certain combinations of English (EN) and French (FR), Chinese (CH), or Japanese (JP). English-only cards are also available.

(EN) For Seasons: Mark the changes in seasons by noting the things you look forward to time and time again.

(FR) Pour les saisons: Marquez le passage des saisons en notant ce que vous attendez avec impatience, encore et toujours.

(CH) 請寫給四季: 在我們觀察四季更迭的過程中,可以把我們每一年一次又一次期待的事情寫下來,用來當作認識新季節的標籤

(JP) 季節に: 幾度となく巡ってきても、楽しみがある。移りゆく季節のなかで、想いを書き留めましょう.


Each set includes one card, one mailing envelope and one keepsake storage envelope for you to enjoy even after you've sent your YS Note to a loved one. Visit our Gifting page to learn more about how to use and cherish your keepsake envelope.


160 mm x 115 mm (6.3" in x 4.5" in)

Vivid Transitions

To create the feeling of transition we sometimes experience, we tested several gradients of black and purple hues to purposefully blend colors that result in a natural continued color spectrum. The lightening effect from the top to the bottom of the card allow us to better see the vivid gold letters that are etched on the surface.

Lights And Shadows

Fortifying our contrast of white flowers and dark purple colors was our decision to use plastic and paper materials. We used UV printing on 0.1 mm plastic - an initially surprising choice of materials for our cards - but visually stunning when we saw the results. The excellent resolution that UV printing creates allows us to experience light shadows from a number of angles.

Sun Printing

As seasons change and the sun reappears or disappears, you'll see the shadows dance through the cover. Keep the card under the sun long enough and you might start to see the shadows permanently leave their mark on paper - a process that naturally occurs in sun printing - one of the oldest and beautiful ways to print images. 

Collectable Memory

We want you to remember the joy you brought someone in sending them a YS Note, which is one of the reasons we carefully designed a 3/8-inch keepsake storage envelope for you to preserve your own letters and notes. We thoughtfully selected 240 gsm absorbent cotton paper - a thickness that's soft enough to conjure the experience of luxurious cotton - while also being strong enough to protect the notes you cherish most.