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Music Lovers Collection

Dark Music Lovers

English, French, Japanese, Chinese

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Our dark music lovers' card is an homage to the aesthetic beauty and experience of listening to a vinyl record. How a record is played can lend a different quality of sound and experience. Touching the inside of this card is great fun as it reminds us of picking out our favorite records and rediscovering familiar sounds. Using electric colors and smooth surfaces, this card is perfect for anyone who likes writing on the A-side and B-side.


These card sets are available in certain combinations of English (EN) and French (FR), Chinese (CH), or Japanese (JP). English-only cards are also available.

(EN) For Music Lovers: Share your favorite tune, or reminisce about a time of harmony.

(FR) Pour les amoureux de musique: Partagez votre mélodie préférée, ou replongez-vous dans un moment d’harmonie.

(CH) 親愛的音樂愛好者: 分享你最喜歡的歌曲,追憶一段和諧的時光.

(JP) 音楽を愛する人に: お気に入りのメロディーをシェアしたり、当時のハーモニーを振り返ってみたりしましょう.


Each set includes one card, one mailing envelope and one keepsake storage envelope for you to enjoy even after you've sent your YS Note to a loved one. Visit our Gifting page to learn more about how to use and cherish your keepsake envelope.


160 mm x 115 mm (6.3" in x 4.5" in)

Fine-Tuned Details

We used laser-cutting - a process ideal for designs that require precision - to bring out our treble and base clef to life. Appreciating these details inspires us to fine-tune our own written notes.

Deep Grooves

We use an electric blue cardstock as our base material to recreate the feel of a vinyl record. We then go through several applications of high pressure to achieve the desired relief we want - creating distinct contours in the card. The result is a smooth and groovy experience.

Collectable Memory

We want you to remember the joy you brought someone in sending them a YS Note, which is one of the reasons we carefully designed a 3/8-inch keepsake storage envelope for you to preserve your own letters and notes. We thoughtfully selected 240 gsm absorbent cotton paper - a thickness that's soft enough to conjure the experience of luxurious cotton - while also being strong enough to protect the notes you cherish most.