Gift-wrapped greeting card next to reading glasses and a bowtie

Tie Some Ties For Father's Day

Wrap your note in one of our keepsake envelopes and a bow tie as a gift for Dad.

With summer having officially kicked off, we're finding ourselves in a slightly sun-dazed state as we soak up the longer days, but not too dazed to forget upcoming Father's Day and thinking of ways to bring a smile to our dads' faces. Dads are sometimes practical, teaching us how to drive our first cards (thank goodness for their practice during those years!) and how to camp overnight. They are also a lot of fun, snagging tickets to our favorite baseball games, organizing a road trip to see the solar eclipse, and grilling delicious seafood meals during the summer. 

There's a few things we're thinking about giving Dad this year. In addition to writing and mailing our dads a handwritten hug, we like the idea of celebrating fatherhood in all shapes and sizes and think this delightful, animated book does it with heart and humor. We might also send a framed photo that captures us and our dads mid-laugh -- so that he can always enjoy the cheerfulness of those moments. We know more than a few dads who shared their love of music early on and think vintage vinyl could be a fun way to reminisce their Grateful Dead years. No matter how you and your dads like to connect, we hope your Father's Day is filled with love and appreciation.
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