Greeting cards and stationery wrapped in a linen cloth

Summertime And The Pen Paling Is Easy

We love using our summer linens for multiple things, including a Furoshiki gift wrap for our boxes.

This month we're basking in the longer sun-filled days and taking advantage of small moments wherever they are; sunset walks by bridges, a day trip to the beach, a summer hike with friends. We're also thinking about how it's the ideal time to send pen pal letters to let others know how our summers are going. Wedding celebrations, birthdays, or a delicious tarragon sorbet in our neighborhood we can't get enough of. July is a wonderful month to write relatives (all grandmothers love hearing from their grandkids), or your neighbors back home while you're on vacation travels. It's also a great time to write thank you letters to friends who host us for a summer stay.

We're also inspired this month to celebrate our growing community; the result of encouragement and faith along the way! As a thank you, we're offering a summer pen pal giveaway, which includes two YS Notes of the winner's choice. We hope they can be used to make your summer a little bit more special.
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